Project Kickoff Meeting in Aberdeen

The DEVIL project was launched on 18-19 May when 22 of the lead researchers and partners met at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland for the project’s kick-off meeting.  The 4-year project was selected for funding by the Belmont Forum and the FACCE-JPI initiative and brings together research teams from 8 countries.

This ambitious, collaborative venture is coordinated by Prof. Pete Smith from the Institute of Biological & Environmental Sciences in the College of Life Sciences and Medicine and Prof. Deb Roberts from the Business School at the University of Aberdeen and the James Hutton Institute.

“We are privileged to be working with such a stellar cast of scientists on this project,” said Prof. Smith, “we put together a dream team to tackle one of the societal grand challenges of the 21st century; feeding a global population of 9-10 billion people by 2050, and we aer delighted that the team and project has come together.”

Project co-leader Prof. Roberts adds, “The challenge of delivering food security on limited land is so great that no single discipline has the tools to address it. That is why we have assembled this multi-disciplinary team, involving natural scientists, social scientists, nutritionists, economists and knowledge exchange experts from around the world. All partners are leaders in their fields, and we are delighted to have to opportunity to bring this expertise to bear one of the world’s most pressing challenges.”