DEVIL research project presented at the AAAS Meeting

Co-PI Paul West participated in a session on Using Data to Enhance Food Productivity in Subsistence Farming at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, DC.

His presentation was entitled, "Sustainable food production in data-limited areas: insights from global analyses." 


Sustainably increasing global food security is one of humanity’s grand challenges. Many food insecure areas lack data needed to identify opportunities to improve both food production and the environment. Global data sets and analyses provide insights on closing yield gaps, as well as managing the tradeoffs of food production and greenhouse gas emissions, water availability and quality, and habitat loss. They can also be used to assess the risks of climate change, water stress, and land grabs. These examples highlight ways that global data can help set regional priorities and goals to sustainably boost food production. Where available, they can be coupled with local data to provide more specific recommendations.

Medill Reports Chicago reported on the talk it in an article, “Research models tackle the frontline fight on global hunger.”