Belmont Forum/FACCE-JPI Workshop in Washington DC

From December 8 to 10, Paul West and Jean Ometto represented the DEVIL project in a tripartite valorization workshop convened by the Belmont Forum in Washington DC. The workshop was organized as the end-term valorization event for the Belmont Forum/ FACCE-JPI Collaborative Research Action on Food Security and Land Use Change. Participants included representatives from 17 teams across three Collaborative Research Action (Food Security and Land Use Change, Arctic Observing and Science for Sustainability, and Mountains as Sentinels of Change) funding agencies, and stakeholders. On behalf of the entire team, Paul West presented the key outcomes of the DEVIL project. The accomplishments of the DEVIL project were very valued highly by both, the funders and the other participants.

The workshop participants had productive discussions about outcomes, lessons learned from multi-national and transdisciplinary collaborations, and practical outcomes. There were also several activities to help participants communicate their projects and results. The meeting highlighted several potential opportunities for collaboration among the three teams in the Food Security call.

Impressions from Paul West’s presentation at the end-term valorization event