A team around the Indian DEVIL partners Amaresh K. Nayak and Rahul Tripathi organized a first stakeholder workshop entitled “Food and nutritional security: Issues and challenges” in February 2018. This workshop was conducted in the framework of the 3rd ARRW International Symposium 2018 (AIS 2018) in Cuttack, India. The full program of the symposium is available here.

Twenty farmers from different districts in India participated in the workshop. These farmers were all managing rice based cropping systems with rice as the main crop in kharif season. Other workshop participants were officers from the state government department and scientists. In the morning, the workshop participants the workshop participants visited the ICAR-NRRI Integrated Framing System (IFS), a model farm, the ICAR-NRRI’s Oryza museum and a local market. They observed the rice-fish-duck based farming system, learnt about the history and cultivation practices of rice and the function of the market and challenges related to the transportation of different farm produce. The three visits allowed workshop participants to discuss about a variety of issues, e.g. productivity and profitability of rice cultivation, cultivation practices, or government support for setting up their own farming systems. After lunch, 10 invited lectures were delivered during the technical session. The topics covered included different aspects of food and nutrition security in India, crop diversification, aquaculture, or provision of ecosystem services.

Watch the technical session online. Please note that the workshops were held in local languages like Hindi and Odia so that the invited farmers could understand and interact with the scientists.
First part (before tea)
Second part (after tea)

A compendium summarizing all presentations will be available for download soon.